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Customer Case

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Business Challenges

Production was executed per order, without reserve. However after the acquisition of Ipso by Alliance LP, the product portfolio increased from one product line to five, bringing complexity and different margin structures. This created a big impact on sales activities and related forecasting processes, resulting in lack of visibility. After the acquisition, USHQ demanded information about the European activities and plans.
> Difficult if  the Excel-driven company database is only used for data registration rather than making predictions.

alliance use case
« Forecasts are constantly adjusted and quickly respond to changes in the market, to make the right decisions faster.”

Solutions, Aexis approach & assistance

IBM Cognos TM1

Aexis provided the necessary expertise and created the necessary database set-up & reporting in TM1.

Aexis implemented the 'full suite' of Business Intelligence & Performance Management services, including Project Management.

With the accessibility of the Cognos architecture, customer needs were matched : to have a decentralized approach and to increase the sales people’s accountability.

“Better forecasts provide more efficiency in purchasing and production planning. On top of that, there is a shorter delivery time for the customers.”

Results & Benefits

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Changes in the market can be incorporated in a timely manner. Available numbers allow to respond quickly and concretely.

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The available data allows for a better market segmentation.

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While the forecast process in Excel took 14 days to complete,
it was reduced to 4-5 days using TM1.

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The budget cycle is now much shorter.

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